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OnGuard KIDZ is an interactive self defense program teaching kids ages 5 to 13 situational awareness, confidence, and effective responses. We do not refer to this instruction as “stranger” danger since not all threats to children are strangers. Instead, we hope that by equipping kids with some basic knowledge and skills to recognize “threats” or “tricky” people, they will have the confidence to use what they learn to help themselves and maybe even help other kids. Nothing is a guarantee to keep our children completely safe. However, in today’s society something is better than nothing because we can’t always be there to help them.


  • How to recognize a potential threat. (Strangers & Tricky People)
  • How to respond to those threats.
  • Have confidence in themselves by learning some basic skills that will help them make safer choices.

SAFETY TIP: Talk to your kid’s about personal boundaries, so they will understand that it is okay to tell someone NO if they are making them feel uncomfortable.

If you would like to learn more about how to bring OnGuard KIDZ self defense to your Church, School or Community we would be happy to visit with you! Contact us today!

Thank you for your interest in OnGuard Self-Defense!

We look forward to helping you become a HARD TARGET! No Fear. Take Courage. Kick Butt Girl!