Awareness/Personal Safety Workshop: 1 - 1.5 hour safety and awareness talk usually with Q & A time.

Full Seminar (Minimum 3 hours):  

The first part of the seminar is lecture (talking) about awareness the importance of it, personality types and how personality plays into whether or not a woman is perceived as an easy target. This session usually gets a lot of questions!  
The second session is hands on (interactive is more fun)! I teach some basic strikes and explain how one might utilize them and then we hit targets to build some muscle memory and to get an idea of the force needed when defending against an attacker.  
The third session we go through a few of the most common threats, and do them with a partner. Then we go over using a kubaton (self defense key chain).

Church/Women’s Ministry Outreach: Can be an Awareness/Personal Safety Workshop or a Full Seminar and includes ministry time (Sharing the Gospel) if desired by event host.

for more information on cost. Cost will vary depending on type of seminar and location.

COMING! OnGuard Kidz seminar. Check back for more details soon! 

Thank you for your interest in OnGuard Self-Defense!

We look forward to helping you become a HARD TARGET! No Fear. Take Courage. Kick Butt Girl!